Crocheted shamrock bunting & appliqué tie

Happy St Patricks Day peeps,

How is everyone?

We’ve had a fab day out and about up town in Derry. There’s been a great vibe about the place…. Even if it’s been raining all day long!

I done a bit of crochet to spruce up the window Shamrock bunting to be precise! (I’ll add the link to the pattern later, I’m posting from my phone!)


I used this lovely green Aran from my stash, with a 6mm hook…


Isn’t it cute…..


Here’s a wee close up for you!

I even managed to use up a bit if my fabric stash too… I decided rather than buying a bog standard shirt from up town, to make the boys a one of a kind!


I drew a wee tie template…..


Then let the boys choose the placement…..


Affixed it with the ever faithful bondaweb & iron…..


Then stitched it in place…..


The boys liked them… It’s great they love to have photos taken now!

So what do you think?!? Do you like them?!? Did you do anything nice today?!?


The vintage mint dress alteration

Hello there again,

So I think I’m going to march on with the phone blogging! I have so much to share, and am just too damn impatient to wait until l have sorted the computer problem rectified.

So what have I been up to today? Well another alteration, this time a sweet mint vintage floor length dress! I was asked to take the hem up by 15 inches and replace the zip. Again I forgot to take a before photo what a Wally I have learnt my lesson with this and taken a photo of the next alteration already!

So here we are at the prep-ing stage….


That was part one…. The seam ripping!


I have to say this was a very full skirt, it took near 2hours just to measure, cut & press…. I was glad to get to the stitching stage!


I was certainly glad to see the hem finished… At this stage u had to pop out to my local fabric shop. To get the right zip!


I got a really good match on the zip (the black cotton and interfacing are for the next alteration)


I got to use the zipper foot on my new sewing machine (I must blog about her later) I wish I hadn’t been so scared of zippers for so long! With the right tutorial and the right foot they are soo not that scary!


I finished the zipper off with a little hand stitching as I wanted to keep the dress the same as it had been constructed before, it was a hand made number!


This is a back view….


And a close up of the hem…..


And a close up of the zip…. I can’t seem to preview my photos so bear with me on quality! I’m hoping they are ok!


So there she is all done up! She will be off back home tomorrow! And I have the next alteration all prep-ed ready for me to work on later.

Well I feel I might be back peeps! Oh how u have missed blogging!

See you soon!


Hello, I’m still here!

Hello there, so as the title if this post says I’m still here and still sewing away. I am currently waiting on a computer ( this post is being typed up on my phone…. Let’s see how it goes) I’m hoping to have a computer real soon, I’m missing blogging a lot. And have heaps to share!

I have a new sewing machine to show you (thank you Santa) It’s a brother FS-40, it’s my first computerised machine and we’re still getting to know one another! There are lots of argh moments, that being there are heaps of ahh moments too.

So what have I been up to…. I’ve been doing a lot if alterations as ever. I love alterations I get to work with different fabrics and a bit if problem solving too. This dress needed its sleeves removed, it’s vintage and I decided to go with contrast bias binding for a finish.


When I was ripping out the seams of the sleeve I was a bit heavy handed…. I ripped the dress by about an inch. I decided to use my French curve and cut the rip out!


I decided to go with the contrast binding as it emulated the trim on the neck line!


I used blue thread from the stash…. It’s like a spaghetti junction in my box, how do you store yours?


After some pressing I think it’s turned out well…. I would even go as far as to say I would wear this vintage lovely!


TAH-DAH here she is, I wish I had taken a full view. It’s a lovely dress!


I’m hoping to have a computer up soon, I don’t get too many edit options. My general layout for posts would not be the way this has been published, but I so miss blogging that I had to give the phone a try!

Please do bare with me!

I hope you’ll all be glad to see I’m back! Say hello in the comments if you fancy, it would give me a wee boost!


Make do and mend – Beading replacement on lovely River Island dress


Hello there,

I was recently asked to mend a dress, It was not a alteration as such but some beads needed replacing. 

I took some beads from the back of the shoulders, and fixed the flowers at the front….




There were three flowers in need of work….





When I investigated these few beads that were missing, I noticed that the dreaded chain stitch was holding everything together. So after a bit of knot tying I secured the beads, then went ahead and stitched the beads I had stolen from the back to flowers…..



So here it is all beaded up! With a few close up’s too….





The dress is off home now the girls mummy is very happy with he work… I also enjoyed a bit of beading, It’s been a while!!


Do you do any beading?!?

Do you love it or hate it?!?!




Christmas prep is well on it’s way…

Hello There 

How is everyone? If your a regular around here, you’ll know that my only consistency is being inconsistent! I have a heap of posts to do BUT I am snowed under with life and laundry as ever!!

So it has been quite round here but I have been sewing away…

It’s all Christmas fever around here, I’ve been making buntings, prep-ing stockings and designing stuffed robins too…


This my wee Robin, Designed by me :) Just waiting to get stuffed with homemade Christmas spice…



And some yummy bunting….. Can’t wait to show you all the cute and funky combinations I have in the pipeline!!



And here’s my linen gingham mix for the Christmas stockings :) I love these fabrics together, they just work so well together!


Anyways that’s it for today



Thee Sigourney Weaver “Zuul Dress” From Ghostbusters

Hey there,

How is everyone??

I’ve been busy working on a Halloween outfit for a friend, Mrs E is heading to a Halloween Ball. And was on the search for A specific dress….. Mr E is going as Mr Soft, Drum roll please

dum dum bang bang dum dum!!

(My drum roll!!)

Mrs E will go to the ball as Danna Barrett (Sigourney Weaver) whilst possessed by “Zuul the Gatekeeper of Gozer” in Ghostbusters.


I’ve had fun with this dress, it took a lot of rummaging trying to find the right pattern to alter.


I eventually went with this  vintage McCall’s 7356….This was a great dress pattern to based the dress on….


I altered the sleeves by making them longer, and making them more bat-wing/magyar in style.




The neckline was also made wider to make it more “off the shoulder”. I added extra organza to the neckline to act as a facing/bias tape which I hand stitched in place. 



I also made the bottom half of the dress a circle skirt to gain the drape, as the closest I could get in colour was organza, The lining is china silk lining….. I left a side slit in the skirt section, and used a rolled hem stitch to finish off the edge.

Zull Dress 002


A look inside!!


I have to say I CAN’T wait to see it on Mrs E…. It will be winging it’s way over tomorrow.

Are you making anything for Halloween??

I plan on lots of pumpkin carving and a watching the fireworks on the night…. Derry goes MAD at this time of year!! The boys keep changing their mind on what they want to be, vampire has been a firm fave for the last 3 days though!!


Custom Kitchen Bunting & Living-room Cushions in progress


Hello Again!

I am on a roll today….


I’ve just finished a custom order. I put my Kitchen Bunting on my Facebook page, And one of my friends liked it as Much as I did!! **Smiles and does a happy dance**









This lovely bunting is made with linen, bought over at Abakhan Fabrics…. If I had any tips for people sewing linen on the bias, it would be to starch and press. I found it much easier to sew :)




So what is the next project you ask??




I’m making a few two tone cushion covers for my living-room… No doubt they will be used as missiles by my boys but hey, I’ll cross that bridge when we come to it!!



Lavender Drawer Scents a plenty!


Hello There


How is everyone today? It’s a overcast day again today… So no new photos to blog new projects. I have been sewing away at Lovely wee Lavender Drawer Scents.

I got the idea when I was thinking about birthday gifts for my mother in-law.






Here is set one.. They have been named “Divine Diamonds” I am a sucker for fine lace tape!






This is set two, and is named “Ivory Eye”






And here is Number three, She is named “Daisy Chain”.


And last but by no means least, My fave…..






This is “Girly Frill” This is my fave by far!


I made all these with linen from my stash, Buttons from my tin, the stuffing and lavender were all from the stash too! I bought some of the Lace Tape from Kaela, She has a fabby new shop with haberdashery to die for!! I mean look at the wee handmade trinkets **Squeek** I LOVE them!!


I have a few more of these in the pipe line, as I’ve opened a shop over on Etsy, It’s has no stock up yet BUT I am on a mission. Now that the boys are in school full-time, my sewing time just jumped up by 10 hours a week!!!  I’m Like a new woman, I have a new sense of accomplishment on all sections of my life…..


I’m not JUST a mummy… I am a content mummy with a sense of accomplishment!!



Not 1 but 2 Kitchen Buntings!


Hell There!!



How is everyone?? I’m back at my much loved Sewing Class, to get my juices flowing I covered my pin-board. And yesterday I made a couple of bunting to match….



I made 14 bunting, so figured 2 sets….




Bunting 1 in it’s new home, beside my newly covered pin-board!




Bunting number 2 in it’s new home…




A wee close up.

I’m glad I started this project my kitchen looks lovely, my stash is a little smaller and my mojo is rearing to go! 

Has anyone else been revamping??

Do share!





Pin-board Revamp!


Hello There,




I have been sewing away aimlessly for a while, waiting for the boys to get into school full time…. And yes it’s about to happen, both boys will be in till afternoon as of Monday. To say I am excited is a total understatement!! I have to add I love my boys BUT it will be great to stop thinking of sewing and actually getting some done!! 

Like every sewist, I have a list as long as my arm I want to be getting on with… Yes I’m taking about you!!!!!!!!!!! ;) 

Today, I managed to get a project done that’s been on the to do list for the last 3 weeks!!! I used some of my fabric stash for it too, it’s been in the drawers upstairs for ages.


Pin-Board Spruce up!




The Pin-Board is from Argos £7.99 and the fabric is from my stash…. 

You can pick up a pin-board (40 x 60) over at Hobby Crafts just now with 25% off!! (£4.99) 




So here it is…… What do you think? I know it’s not perfect BUT, I love it. I am now going to have order and I have shaved a little off that shameful stash of mines!! I plan on making some bunting with the left over fabric.


Have you been stash busting??

Do share!





If this coffee burst stays for a while, I might just get some of my squillion other posts up!! (Fingers crossed)